I’m twenty-five and came to faith in a small town, Muldrow, in Oklahoma. It was at my college, The University of Arkansas–Fort Smith, that I became introduced to John Piper, Calvin, Luther, and Sproul. I fell down the reformational stairs and landed on the 5 points of Dort. Because I am not fully reformed–see Clark at Heidelblog–I am a reforming resurgent because I have not definitively settled on paedobaptism, and therefore I’m not settled on the catechisms either.

Actually, there is a lot I haven’t settled on, and there is a lot that the resurgence in general has not settled on. We are either not reformed enough to Presbyterians, too reformed for Baptists, too individualistic for the East, and commonly too communal for much of the American Church. (granted there are exceptions to all)

I currently live in Van Buren, AR, and I recently graduated from the University of Arkansas–Fort Smith with a B.A. in Rhetoric and Writing and a minor in I.T. I start seminary at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary along with my lovely wife, Chelsea, in August.


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